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Alicia Zwicewicz is a ceramicist, designer and painter currently living in Toronto, Canada. Since graduating from Concordia University in 2014 with a BFA in Fine Arts, Alicia has become well-known in the ceramics and design community for her collection of Beardbangs Ceramics. She has established a growing series of handmade stoneware products, bright and joyful in decoration and clever in design. The products feature animals and floral motifs, inspired in part by vintage children’s wares and Scandinavian folk art. Beardbangs pieces have been featured in places such as the Ellen Show, Birds and Blooms magazine, Frankie Magazine, A Cup of Jo and the Etsy Holiday Lookbook. Beardbangs Ceramics can be found on Etsy as well as in various art and gift shops around North America.

Creating a sense of community as an artist has been an important part of Alicia's work. In 2016, she founded an open ceramics studio in Montréal called Studio Céramique Sud-Ouest. The purpose of the studio was to invite people of all skill levels to learn and work independently in an affordable way, within an open and friendly environment. She managed about 30 students and members while also using the space for her own ceramic production. Since Alicia moved to Toronto in June 2017, the project is now being run by Neisha May.

Alicia’s ceramic production is currently on hold as she and her husband had their first child in November, but some Beardbangs Ceramics can still be purchased through her stockists. Please check back often to see new additions to the site, including some exciting pattern and textile design work, paintings and print media!

You can contact her with questions or commissions here.

Photos of Alicia in studio are by Alex Tran, commissioned by Etsy for the Quit Your Day Job article series.


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